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Welcome to my Universe!I'm an artist - working as a musician and videomaker mainly.Generally speaking my work is Independent in the sense of Different.All work here is under Creative Commons LicenseAdditionally I am:Photographer, Science Fiction Writer, Visual Artist , Performer

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Total tracks released / CC-Licences worldwide: more than 300Total tracks on now: far more than 300 + weekly featuresTotal videos : much more than 100Total plays worldwide all pages: more than a 3rd millionTotal views worldwide all pages: more than half a millionBands and other cooperation partners: more than 90Total follower, fans + friends worldwide: I stopped counting in 2014 :)Visitors from how many different countries worldwide: 130

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January 26New collaboration with Andrew Austin finished*

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PostJazz-PostPunk-PostBlue-AfroRapFunk-Alternative-IndiePsychedelic.Oh yes - also Funk-Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Progressive and the like:)Expressive vocals, cool muted trumpets, moods - covering a vast area .*Generally I'm not limited to fixed styles - I'm a notorious crossoverer.*I believe that music is a wayto communicate from mind to mindand from soul to soul.The means and styles to achive this are irrelevant.My music is Indie in the sense of INDEPENDENT.*

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January 24Tour dates updated*January 22New storytelling video*January 19Thank you very much Debora <3Our t-shirts are custum made - a mass production does not pay :(But I let a butterfly fly for you only here this week :)*January 17Next fun video on youtube*January 12Next video public*January 8New Space Blues video posted on youtube*January 5New short video: experimental*January 1Happy New Year and thank you for the continuing support! :)*December 30New video*December 27Tour dates updated*Older news: I regularly clean up here :)

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Next concert:April 4 /DortmundMoreunder preparation :)Past Firefly concerts here , more else concerts here.

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Hint:click the youtube links to watch full quality full size please

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80s LoFi Pearls 2

(disturbing tracks)

"The Wire"

(Beat by Andrew Austin, Trumpet @Art Lip, 2015)