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Welcome to my Universe!I'm an artist - working as a musician and videomaker mainly.Generally speaking my work is Independent in the sense of Different.All work here is under Creative Commons LicenseAdditionally I am / have been:Photographer, Science Fiction Writer, Visual Artist , Performer

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December 7New collaboration accepted, new track on reverbnationTour dates updated*

I believe that music is a wayto communicate from mind to mindand from soul to soul.The means and styles to achive this are irrelevant.My music is Indie in the sense of INDEPENDENT.*

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December 5New Video on facebook, New band of the week, new track on*December 4Working on new music*December 1New track "Scavengers"*November 30New track pre-final*November 20Next collaboration started*November 19New Video on facebook*November 15Tour Dates updated*November 14Collaboration with Sell The Tab prefinal, preview here*November 13New collaboration to be finalized soon*November 11New track finalized "Alcatraz"*November 10Thank you all for the friendly birthday wishes on facebook :)*November 6Brand new track "Il Rosso"*November 5Brand new piece to be released soon*November 2Creative Commons License proofs moved to another site: links updated*October 22Firefly videos now also sorted to topical categories*October 16Site under re-tailoring in parts*October 14New AaaL collaboration pre-final*October 13Working on the next collaboration*October 7New track "Vamp Free-K"*September 24Summer holidays ended: new track :)*August 11Featured albums changed.Consider me taking my summer holidays :)*July 22Mail contactbox removed (too much spam): I only accept real snail mails now.For other kinds of contact: refer to the weblinks: but keep in mind:no elektronik business contacting accepted.Thank you.*July 20new collaboration under construction*July 172 new tracks on myspace*July 11New track on myspace*July 10New track on reverbnation*July 9New tracks on myspace*July 7New tracks on myspace*July 2New month, new albums of the month*June 26New week, different albums featured*June 20New track "Captain Stenka"*June 17New firefly Video on facebookNew track reverbnation*June 7New AaaL track*June 1New videos under preparation*May 26New track on youtube*May 25New track on reverbnation*May 17Thank you all for the ongoing support :)*May 9Tour Dates updated (1 cancel for family reasons of some band menbers)*May 2Tour Dates updated*April 25New week - different featured albums*April 19New week -newly featured albums*April 14"Gasoline" remastered*April 4New week - new album of the week*April 1New collaboration online - no joke :)*March 27Happpy Easter! :)*March 19New tracks @ reverbnation*March 9New tracks @ reverbnation*February 26Track finalized "Caged in the Zoo"*February 24some restructurings onsite*February 22More collaborations under preparation*February 9New collaboration with Muggie aka Alte Oma*February 3Thank you dear Lena <3. Butterfly time for you <3*February 1New material collaboration with Andrew Austin finished*January 28New material at reverbnation*January 18Working on collaborations*January 8New material at reverbnation*January 4Welcome anytime :)*January 2Butterfly week for you, Debora <3:I wish you a perfect year <3*December 31Happy 2016 all and thank you for the support :)*December 27Dear industry: sending me mails with dubious links and no valid info is: treated as spamThank you.****Older News: cleaned up from time to time :)

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