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April27New video on youtube.Series of that concert now finished.

April22New video On facebook.Diligently working on the next video :)*April14New video by FireflyNew Underground Rock.Happy Holidays :)*April1New video by Firefly*March 26New video by Firefly*March 25New track on rverbnation*March 24New video*March 23Working diligently on the movies of the last concert*March 15Most shrink actions finished here now.Site will be as it is for a while:even updates :)Currently working mainly at www. for testing - later it may move here*March 13Working like a mule on the new mobile phone compatiblesite in html (offers also normal pc but no flash)The restrictions compared to the version here are manifold - to say the least.Currently it is at www. for testing - later it will move here*March 7In preparation for more compatibility with mobile phones and more focussing on the highlights, the site is undergowing a shrinking process currently.You may want to use your time to listen to some gems still here currently, that may disappear later :)*March 6some site maintaining*March 3Video links repaired*March 2Youtube changed the emebed format.Most links repaired - some left*Febuary 27Youtube changed the emebed format.Broken links under repair*Febuary 23New video on facebook*Febuary 16Album of the week changed*Febuary 12New track @ my reverbnation account*Febuary 1Changed albums of the month etc*January 28New video on facebook*January 27New track on*January 26New video*January 23New video*January 21New video*January 15New track on reverbnation*January 10New week, newly featured albums*January 7New partner in the collaborations gallery*January 3New track on reverbnation*January 2New Video on facebook*January 1Happy New Year :)*December 29Year to end soon: prepare to fly*December 25I wish all a good christmas and a better future*December 21Working on the next collaboration*December 12Album of the week: Magnus D (G-Funk)*December 11Collaboration prefinal, second underway*December 7New collaboration accepted, new track on reverbnationTour dates updated*December 5New Video on facebook, New band of the week, new track on*December 4Working on new music*December 1***Older News: cleaned up from time to time :)

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Exclusive site content:- Science Fiction Novel (German Language)- Tutorial (English + German Language)- Additional Bandfotos- Paintings-Pre relases- Free downloadsElse content will be more or less identical to the content at but more details are offered hereplus another sorting system.The second site was neccessary for compatibility with mobile phones(no flash programming).*

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